How To: Throw a football like a quarterback

Throw a football like a quarterback

This video explains how to throw a football like a quarterback. With your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle, hold the ball in front of your chest with the fingers of your throwing hand across the laces of the football.

A ball held lazily runs the risk of being fumbled; too low, and the defense can swat at it; too high, and it can deflect off a quarterback's facemask.

With your hips and shoulders facing the sideline, turn your head downfield and sight your target.

The torque generated by the twisting of the shoulders and hips provides greater velocity and more distance on the throw. It's the difference between throwing the ball with just the strength of your arm and throwing the ball with the strength of your whole body.

With your back foot planted firmly in the ground, lift your elbows above your shoulders and stride forward, pointing your front foot at your target.

Shifting your weight from your back foot to your front foot generates momentum toward the target and causes the ball to fly that much faster.

In one fluid motion, launch the ball toward your target, keeping the elbow of your throwing arm as high as possible. This will keep the nose of the ball higher as it flies and reduce the risk it will fall short of the target.

Extend your arm in the direction of your target and snap your wrist as the ball leaves your hand to create a tight spiral.

As you follow through, tuck the elbow of your other arm against your side, and finish with your throwing hand in your opposite hip pocket.

This will keep your torso tight throughout the throwing motion and keep your throwing arm from extending away from your body where it might be hit by a pass rushing defender.

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