News: Johnny Mac, the Almighty Trick Shot Quarterback

Johnny Mac, the Almighty Trick Shot Quarterback

Johnny McEntee, a UConn football player, uploaded yet another trick shot compilation to YouTube. So what if the junior third-string QB has yet to make a pass in a collegiate game? He has successfully ranked in the eyes of all-powerful Google, raking in nearly 1.5 million views in a matter of days. Good thing he registered for AdSense, and let's hope this video didn't require too many takes. Perhaps Johnny has a shot at NFL God-dom after all.

All charges of fakery: comment below.

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What a Arm!!!!!

He's a freak

I'm guessing his problem is maintaining that composure with groups of 300-pound men charging him.

Eh a few dozen games of practice will get him over that.

Everybody is good at something :-)


goood arm

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