News: Oklahoma City Mayor Bans Lingerie Football

Oklahoma City Mayor Bans Lingerie Football

Boo. C'mon, Mayor Cornett, where's your sense of fun? Minus the Victoria's Secret, these girls look like pretty serious athletes.

Oklahoma City Mayor Bans Lingerie Football

Mick Cornett reportedly said "there are too many problems to list" and the LFL will be banned from all city-owned venues. reports below, click on the second video in the gallery to view more.

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you know he was a fan .. it was his wife who made him

I like this. It's easier to see what's happening in a play. Regular football uniforms kind of blend together, so it's hard to see where one player's outline ends and another begins. Also, having the two-piece bikini-type outfit means you can always see exactly where the players' hips and chest are. Much easier to follow.

They do look kinda silly when they wear the shoulder pads, though. And that astroturf on bare skin, ouch!

LMFAO, yea...b/c NOTHING says "take me seriously as an athlete" like lingerie! Ever heard of John Lennon's song, Woman is the #$%@!+ of the world??? Well look it up people! The LFL AND it's ban is proof of that.

I think they're models not athletes.

Ugh, they censored my comment instead of a bunch of symbols that was supposed to be the BAD word for african americans that some losers use. That's the title of the song

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